When we’re all battling to stay afloat in the sea of information flooding our Twitter streams, RSS feeds, inboxes and social networking profiles, this article made me wonder whether there ever will be a ‘quick fix’ to help us make sense of the noise.

The developers of SwiftRiver, a tool designed to consolidate the deluge of updates that flood the internet during a crisis like the Haiti earthquake, think they may have the answer. Apparently the software intelligently processes, filters and verifies thousands of information sources and presents them in a single feed. There are plenty of tools already floating around the internet that offer to aggregate information from a variety of sources to some degree, but they usually offer a pretty incomplete picture.

So, could something like SwiftRiver offer a solution? I’m sceptical. Apart from doubts about the technology’s ability to ‘intelligently’ decide what it does and doesn’t include in a feed, I’d question whether people really do want just one information channel. It somehow seems to take the fun out of discovering content. All the same, I’ll be giving SwiftRiver a go to see if it really can help me keep my head above the water.”


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