ok, so strictly speaking this isn’t a tool, but it’s a very good source of stats for social network populations…

@LucyDesaDavies stumbled across this very cool ‘2010 social media map of the world’ created by Flowtown as a comparison (and tribute) to a 2007 version created by XKCD called ‘Map of Online Communities’. It shows just how much our online world has changed and developed over the past three years, and provides an insight into changing tastes when it comes to social networking communities.

In 2007, sites like Yahoo!, MySpace and AOL were the big hitters. Jump to 2010 and Habbo (Edelman client), YouTube, Bebo, Twitter and Facebook have taken over and are way up there when it comes to engagement.

2 Responses to “Social media map 2010”

  1. JimmyJam Says:

    The map is interesting but it doesn’t account for the 70% of people in the world that are not on the internet.

    It should have a huge glacial continent that shows a truer representation of the “world”.

    While the 70% of people not on the internet are most likely not big spenders but they do factor into the overall landscape.

  2. social media will grow viral in upcoming future !

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