In the early days of RSS I spent some little time scouring the web and a little less time trialling a series of different RSS readers. Few have come as close to ‘home’ for me as SharpReader. clip_image001Simplicity itself SharpReader’s display is crystal clear; the updates arrive at regular, definable intervals; it is devoid of the advertising noise typically associated with RSS aggregators and the application size is low so it doesn’t hit your PC performance unlike leaving a web-based aggregator open throughout the day.

Subscribing and unsubscribing to feeds is a simple right and left click. By supporting OMPL (Outline Processor Markup Language) SharpReader makes your reading easily transferrable between aggregators or devices for those with a wandering eye or work location.

Some of my favourite features:
• Drag and drop feed subscription enabling you to consume the output of simple syndication or complex Boolean search algorithms for the Jonny’s of the world
• Grouping – to easily follow similar resources or discussions
• Manageable pop ups
• Sits in the system tray so I can grab it when I snack on news
• Images appear quickly within the same interface


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