Last week I had a sneak preview of a new tool that aims to measure an individual’s social media capital.  Similar to Klout and our very own Tweetlevel the PeerIndex looks at your online status and gives it a ranking.  The neat thing about this product it does this by topic or conversation  – so rather than just getting a score for the individual as you do with Klout and Tweetlevel you receive a different one for different subjects (such as online security or technology venture capital).

They have named this your authority fingerprint.  These topic scores are then aggregated to give an overall score.  Authority is a measure of trust, which reflects the extent to which you can rely on someone’s recommendation and opinions on a given topic and the PeerIndex process evaluates the progress or sharing of a url within a the social media topic of conversation.

PeerIndex currently looks at Twitter activities only. They plan to aggregate Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, and other social network activities content later in 2010.  The tool currently has 1.7 million handles within its database that are preselected for their high authority.  What I like about this service is that it measures Trust within a conversation online which is the key to building a reputation.  It’s an ambitious goal but from this first release they seem to have created a robust methodology I look forward to seeing it launched and developed.


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