To many of the 400 million people who inhabit the Facebook community it has become almost second nature to freely share the minutiae of their inner-most thoughts online  for all to see. Regular status updates, photo uploads and wall posts are a great way of keeping socially connected but following the recent controversy concerning Facebook’s dilution of privacy I find myself wondering whether we should think more carefully before we share. is a new search site that can be used to find status updates. This independent Facebook search engine exposes the information that we so happily and freely post, to all those who are interested in snooping around for it. And Facebook is not alone – Google has confessed to being remarkably lax, which led to its Street-View cameras accidentally recording personal data from domestic WiFi networks.

Is Facebook leading the way for the personalised internet of the future? And if so, is this the direction that us avid social networkers want to be headed? To quote Jemima Kiss from The Guardian; “The free lunch is over; we pay wit h money, time or behavioural data”.

My advice: Now that we are all contributing to an ‘open book’ only update it if you are happy for both those you know and those you don’t to all have a look.