Almost 60,000 attendees, 2500 media and a press office the size of half a football pitch…just how do you get your message across at the now (in)famous Mobile World Congress held every February in Barcelona?

Well its simple isn’t it:

You use a large PR machine that throws enormous amounts of time, resource and money at the challenge. You only start talking to your audiences five days before the event and are mystified why they are too busy to talk back to you.

You fire a shotgun of (sometimes irrelevant) information at the over worked, over tired, mostly non-mobile savvy and almost certainly hungover journos in the vain hope some of it might stick. It’s the media relations campaign with the turning circle of an oil tanker.

And guess what? It happens every year without fail; Armies of PRs dotted all over the outer limits of Barcelona in, let’s say, somewhat questionable accommodation (amazing considering they booked it in January!!!) living on bottled water, bread, cured meats and Cava.

Here are our tips to consider at this stage in your congress preparation …

1. Rebook your hotel for the next year as you leave the hotel on the Saturday.
2. Hire a private driver for the entire congress which is much cheaper than taxis in the long run… and there is a good chance that the driver will actually be there.
3. Have people on the ground that speak Spanish and liaise directly with the local council and suppliers
4. It’s a great help to work with people who have been attending congress since mobile phones came in any colour as long as its black and the future was very very bright

We’d welcome your thoughts on MWC preparations and horror stories from years gone by……..