It would seem that it isn’t enough for us to just talk and think ‘DERTy’ (Digital, Entertainment, Rights and Technology), we now want to find out about DERTy trends too. 

We have compiled a monthly report highlighting some trends we have seen within the news this month and what they mean for brands.  This is part of an ongoing series which will look at some of the key trends within the consumer, technology and digital space over the last month and report back.

This month reports on the social gaming trend , with new releases such as Sims Social soon to be launched on Facebook, we ask just how social are these games? We explore the use of social media for doing good, citing the recent #riotwombles and Twestival as examples of how social media can be used for the greater good.  The report also looks at a new term for an old concept, Likeonomics, which is all about brands going beyond good products or services and into the realms of brand personality.

We hope you enjoy: