Cloud Computing will put customers in charge in the enterprise IT sector

How to apply the learnings of the ‘Cluetrain Manifesto’

We’re hosting a roundtable lunch time discussion with Doc Searls, internet visionary and leading academic from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, on Friday 22nd October.

Whether you call it Cloud Computing, Software/Platform/Infrastructure as a Service or just see it as a variant of the ‘dot com’ ASP model there is no doubt that the technology now exists to enable customers to redefine the relationship with their enterprise vendors. Despite this there does not appear to be a wholesale understanding of how fundamentally this technology platform could redefine the relationship between customer and supplier.

The latest in our series of debates anchored by Edelman’s Cairbre Sugrue, Managing Director, Technology and Jonathan Hargreaves, Head of Technology, Europe, will bring together leaders within the enterprise IT sector to understand how the Internet, in particular Cloud Computing, will fundamentally change the way that vendors engage with customers. It will discuss whether there are lessons to be learned from other industries and how other companies have been successful in this technological era. Above all it will show that with adjustments in the way enterprise vendors use socially-driven communications tools, how they can engage with their existing customers and find new opportunities.

Places are limited and need to be qualified but if you are interested in joining us for a fascinating insight into the engagement future of Enterprise IT please contact me. This isn’t open to sales people but purely senior level people in the industry.

Look forward to seeing you.