It is fair to say that the question is often raised: Why the pheasant?  And why naked? 

 Well it is my belief that those who live in the world of making decisions about technology or even giving opinions on decision-making live a life that is best represented by the analogy of the pheasant’s existence;  be they CIO, CTO, analyst, social media guru or Marketing Director.  The crux is that all of these people essentially have to make decisions today about what is likely to be the need and best solution for the foreseeable future.    So they are all there to be shot at – especially given open season of a recession.  But it also goes beyond this shared vulnerability.  In the good times all of these birds were well fed,  indeed over fed, and this too has it’s down side: How do you keep all that ballast in the air come shooting season?

 So if the pheasant explanation isn’t tenuous enough, here’s the Naked story.   The world of 2.0 is often characterized by its transparency yet I am not sure about transparency as a word.  Maybe it’s translucent?  However, Naked is my favoured descriptor.  Not just because of the implied vulnerability but also because of the common threat that, to me, seems to stalk all things social media-esque: The Emperor’s New Clothes.

 However, if this is all too much post-rationalised posturing for you my final point is this.  Let it be said that as a group IT decision-makers are an eccentric bunch not unlike a flock of pheasants.  And what is more strange than a naked pheasant?



















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