The Naked Pheasant sits at the intersection of communications, culture and technology. It is a space where Edelman’s technology team can examine and discuss the evolution of cultural influence and the factors that are shaping a newly emerging world of public relations.

Throughout its existence Edelman has had a reputation for innovation and the Naked Pheasant wants to continue to demonstrate this thought leadership with the contribution of web content, comments and links. It is also aggregating and discussing the growing number of online tools for communications professionals. The Naked Pheasant is engaging a global audience that is excited about the future of communications and its relationship with technology. 

The Edelman team is made up of trusted experts in the areas of social media, technology, telecommunications as well as tradition corporation communications. From this knowledge base, the Naked Pheasant provides an opportunity for the team to create conversation around the topics and issues that are challenging its business every day.

The Naked Pheasant is also a space that reflects the characters that comprise Edelman’s technology team, no matter how deviant and misguided. Fuelled by mutual banter and ruthless passion, they will be driving the Naked Pheasant forward.

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