1. This past week, I attended the 2-day Social Media World Forum Europe conference. It was absolutely impossible to attend every relevant and interesting session across the two days. Try as I might, I missed some of the highlights from the conference but captured some great sound bites on Social Business strategy and community management from the Social Business and Social Media Marketing tracks on Day 2. Tweeting from my own account (@jacqui_flemimg) and @TweetLevel, here are my “notes” from Olympia from day 2.

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  3. Before we get into the day’s session, I have to share the #BuzzBear from Meltwater. How cute?! He is now hanging out with an Intel space man on my desk… riding a camel. 
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    Just had a lovely chat with @DanPurvis from @mBuzzUK at #SMWF and he’s handed me a #BuzzBear… how cute!
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  6. I spent much of day 2 in the Social Business track. This isn’t particularly relevant to my work with @TweetLevel, but is more of a personal interest of mine (and the topic of my husband’s Masters’ dissertation). I took A LOT of notes on Wednesday, so here are just some of the highlights. 
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    ‘Creating a social business’ panel at #SMWF #SocialBiz talking about the journey from social media strategy to social biz strategy. Yes!
  8. There’s me on the left at the ‘Creating a social business’ panel with Kyle Thorne (Social Media Relationships Manager, Virgin Atlantic), Peter Parkes (Head of Social Media, EMEA, Expedia), Karina Buch (COO, Crowdengineering), Pieter van Nuenen (Director of Corporate Communications, NXP Semiconductors) and
    Ben Padley (Global Digital Engagement Director, Barclaycard). 
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    #SMWF #SocialBiz @BenPadley ‘s biggest piece of advice “Get everyone much closer to it” with content creation and executive buy-in.
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    Rules of engagement for #socialbiz? No – empowering employees needs training and coaching, not command and control “rules”. #smwf
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    Great sound bites coming out of #SMWF Day 2. I’m at the #SocialBiz track today, follow #SMWF for snippets on brand measurement & mobile.
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    Biggest mistakes in #SocialBiz? “Endless debate in social ownership” says Kyle Thorne @VirginAtlantic >> Completely agree.
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    #SMWF @peterparkes, It’s easy to think #SocialBiz is about Policy (HR), Process (Mkting/ PR) and Platforms (Geeks)… Don’t forget PEOPLE.
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    Asked #SocialBiz panel about social support. @VirginAtlantic aims to make it part of cust experience, @BenPadley humanising responses #smwf
  16. I think it is important to note here that I’ve omitted some notes I took in relation to Kyle’s answer about social support at Virgin Atlantic. Kyle and I continued the conversation after the session and I don’t think he meant what he said about “queue jumping” to come across quite as it did.
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    Couple of great questions about how to engage with C-suite #digitalmuppets. @BenPadley brought teens in for reverse mentoring. #smwf
  18. I’ve heard that Edelman (my employer) has done reverse mentoring as well – what a great idea!
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    Next #SocialBiz panel, internal communications & employee engagement. @j_flem would love this! (I’ll take notes for you) #smwf
  20. (@j-flem: Here are the notes)
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    I have yet to hear anyone at #smwf #SocialBiz mention ’empowering’ employees. It’s not all just about education and support. Not top-down.
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    Education, support, process. These are all words reflecting command and control biz culture, #SocialBiz is about letting go, I think. #smwf
  23. Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business is a great book by Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler that I would urge anyone interested in Social Business to read. 
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    I think this is what @andreasmav1 from Aviva is trying to say… #SocialBiz is a learning exercise & sharing internally is important. #smwf
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    Aviva’s @adreasmav1 talking up importance of conversational tone/ style in comms, driven internally by younger employees #SocialBiz #smwf
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    Panel agreeing that #SocialBiz internal collaboration is not ‘Facebook for the enterprise.’ When have you uploaded a doc to Facebook? #smwf
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    #SMWF @abarendrecht @ApacheCorp does not do ROI analysis on their social investments because #socbiz just makes sense [to mgt/the org] #sm
  29. Now I must admit that I almost didn’t stay for enterprise social media case study presented by Jennifer Dixon (Head of Internal Communication) and Nick Crawford (Social Media Strategist) at BUPA, and that would have been a huge mistake! What a great and inspirational case study. One of the most important points I took away from this session; by slowly engaging top executives in internal social media, BUPA were able to earn buy-in for their external social media strategies and influence cultural change within the business. 

    I am not sure Nick Crawford meant to say this in so many words — and it does contradict the core message of Jenny’s presentation — but this is too funny not to share:
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    BUPA’s @nick_crawford presenting a #SocialBiz case study: “This is coming from the CEO, so you might not want to get in our way”. #smwf LOL
  31. BUPA Live is the internal social network/ collaboration tool BUPA brought in to replace their ageing Intranet. Here are some sound bites from @Jennidixon on the project: 
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    “I sent [MD] to go talk to his kids about Facebook” – BUPA’s @jennydixon on getting her MD comfortable with blogging #SocialBiz #smwf
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    Internal communication tools/ strategies help execs appreciate how external social strategies work/ meet biz needs. #SocialBiz #smwf
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  36. How did you get BUPA’s top execs comfortable with writing a blog for the first time?
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    Coaching, not rewriting and not ghost writing. Write as you speak or video blog. @jennidixon ‘s tips for how to get execs onboard. #smwf
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    How did BUPA choose @jivesoftware? Long list of requirements, outcomes, Gartner/ Forrester research and a 6-month pilot. #SocialBiz #smwf
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    Employees who use internal social network are demonstrably more productive and satisfied with work, says Bupa. #SMWF
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    How to justify budget for internal network tool? Link it to business outcomes. @jennidixon gave 30 execs back time, ROI. #SocialBiz #smwf
  42. So the next panel session was not my favourite, sorry. Nick Stringer (Director of Regulatory Affairs, IAB UK), Andrew Gerrad (Head of Social Business,Like Minds), James Firth (CEO, Open Digital Policy Org), Guy Stephens (Strategy Consultant, Capgemini & Chair of the Social Media Governance Forum) debated social media governance. The panel was supposed to address the importance of governance in developing a successful strategy for social media, however they talked more about governance and less about actual strategy. Here are a couple of sound bites:
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    How do you prevent yourself from over governing/ under governing? Great Qu to #SocialBiz #smwf panel. Important to get the balance right.
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    “If you get the philosophy right the plumbing will follow.” Great quote from #SocialBiz #smwf audience. Bit oversimplified, but good idea!!
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    Who owns the Twitter account? The company or the person? We need more than 10 minutes to debate this! #SocialBiz #smwf Depends on brand?
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    @JimAnning Like it. Most companies are struggling with the philosophy and over complicating it. Sometimes you just have to get stuck in.
  47. Next, I attended a fabulous afternoon keynote on the ‘Socialisation of Business’ by Joshua Graff (Marekting Solutions Director EMEA, LinkedIn). Disclaimer: LinkedIn is a client. 
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    #SocialBiz requires business culture that is open to feedback and open to customers… Social media is not about control. @joshgraff #smwf
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    . @joshgraff @LinkedInUK now showing a video case study about how HP PSG uses the platform. (Client, DM for case study!) #SocialBiz #smwf
  51. Here is the case study video shown during the keynote:
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    HP LinkedIn case study.mov
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    “You don’t want your Saturday night to meet your Monday morning, it can get messy.” @JoshGraff on why context matters. #SocialBiz #smwf
  54. I’m going to stop there with notes on the Social Business track. It was a great track with some pretty good speakers and a packed audience. The best thing about the Social Business track, no doubt:
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    Best thing about the Social Business track has definitely been the Chair. Bit of a Clive Anderson with hair. #Smwf
  56. Finally, I’d like to leave you with some of my favourite sound bites and insights from day 2 – these are from Social Media marketing and Social Biz tracks:

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    “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” #SocialBiz #smwf Worth tweeting @thomaspower but what’s for lunch? Platform tech, metrics, people?
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    Pinterest works great in a B2B channel, you have to be creative and think about the medium before creating content #buttloadoftraffic #smwf
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    Reach out to your audience, don’t expect them to come // #SMWF Strategies on developing online communities
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    “It’s not about klout. It’s about their social capital. It’s about their social influence.” #socialcrm @SocialMediaWF #SMWF
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    Blogs/ posts that don’t “go up at the end” don’t get engagement — no call to action! Great point from the #SMWF panel moderator.
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    “Don’t be afraid of being niche. If you have scientists, let them be scientists.. don’t try to be 2 things at once.” @nickreynoldsatw #SMWF
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    @ScottMonty says: consumers trust less, peer recommendation key when we buy big-ticket items. Interesting pres by #Ford. #SMWF
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    LEGO at #SMWF: “Time to penis” is how long it takes before somebody comes up with something obscene with new LEGOs.
  65. That’s all folks!
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