Tiptoes: A stupid flick.

As the Gun Cabinet shows, the internet is providing us with an increasing array of online tools that allow us to search, monitor, create and invent in our own right. Creating your own content has never been easier and Stupeflix is another example of an online tool that does just that, in this instance helping you to create fun videos, even if you don’t own a video camera or have editing software to hand.

Not only are tools like this enabling creativity, they are also a great way to share new ideas, concepts, or just fun, visual material with friends, colleagues or clients.

For those who haven’t explored Stupeflix yet, the tool allows you to upload images – drag and drop them in place to create your own running order, and add music, effects, backgrounds and text to create a full video display. The best thing, the tool is free for a video under one minute, but content can be purchased if you are looking for longer videos or high definition quality.  We find it really useful for creating coverage videos – clients love that it’s not just another PowerPoint.