Yet another brilliant digital campaign from Penguin Books, this time from Penguin Canada.

This isn’t the first time the good ‘ol tradtional publisher has showcased how an understanding of the internet can be used to extend the brand / sell books.

True they’re in a a special place: well loved, recognisable, design heritage.  But they’ve neatly packaged together a campaign that ties in relevant celebrity endorsement (Douglas Coupland), UGC and a celebration of the brand.

We’ve completely bastardised the campaign – but do check it out. Go to and copy the covers – you have to then pop into PowerPoint or something to add in some bits and pieces, but it’s easy and a small price to pay for such splendid fun.

Oh, and a top tip – use Gill Sans (bold) to replicate that perfect Penguin style.

@LukeMackay and @wonky_donky

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