Marisa made some really interesting points recently about “young people today” and the way they think.  It got me thinking and I wonder if anyone can identify with what I’ve noticed.  Remember the days when you could remember phone numbers?  You knew all the important people by heart. 

Remember the day when you could remember addresses? They were logged in your memory.  What about birthdays? You could recall all the most important ones easily…you just knew which day they were on.  Well it’s either my age (I’m 34 – nearly) or it’s my younger days catching up with me, but I just don’t seem to have the buttons any more to remember this kind of stuff.

My theory is that because of my mobile, because of my social networks, because of Outlook – I have a mind muscle which I’ve allowed to wither away to nothing.  I’m not sure I care, but it’s interesting to note all the same.  What on earth might I prioritise and deprioritise in terms of memory in ten years time?  Will I need virtual prompts for the names of loved ones too?

This came to light when a friend of mine asked when a mutual friend’s birthday was.   We knew it was in March, we just didn’t know when; yet I’ve known this mutual friend for twelve years.  We have decided it’s the mutual friend’s fault as she’s not on Facebook, and therefore we don’t get the automatic reminder.  She’s not playing the game.  I need those automatic reminders of when the most important events are happening that I have completely forgotten about.

Am I alone in this?  Is it age?  Is it a general trend?  Or am I just a bad person? Or are we all beginning to rely on the Mind of the Machine?  This looped me back to the rather lovely classic by N-Trance, which I’d like to reference as my closing point.  N-Joy.