So Christmas parties are renowned for being embarrassing.  It wouldn’t be December without indiscreet inter-colleague relations, bad dancing and copious amounts of alcohol, of course.

As avid readers of this blog might know – we at Edelman are quite passionate about going the extra mile.  True to form – we couldn’t settle on just some nibbles and drinks to celebrate the passing of another year.  So some of our colleagues, indeed many posters to this blog, ran the gauntlet of embarrassment last night for the inaugural Edelman Christmas Panto.

Of course there were nay-sayers who thought that the Panto was the epitome of corporate cringe behaviour.  But in the grand Panto tradition we all screamed “Oh no it isn’t” and the Scrooges were proved wrong.  In fact the panto wasn’t embarrassing at all.  The plot was preposterous (who knew a mash-up of Macbeth and X factor would be quite so entertaining), the cast were tremendous, the lighting professional, set changes were slick, front of house staff were generous with vodka jelly, the band could have actually won the X factor, the costumes were incredible.  Particularly the Dog costume.  The Dog costume was my favourite.  It was a production created by colleagues for colleagues.  It was in two words, fully awesome.  Well done everyone.


But we thought it would only be appropriate to share some photos.  Rumour has it a DVD will be available through all major retail outlets in early 2010.