In breaking news today, Gartner has bought AMR Research for $64 million in cash. In total this acquisition brings Gartner an extra 40 analysts and 45 sales people.

What this means – our view…

This is a very smart move by Gartner and continues their approach to acquire firms and therefore individuals who have rich industry experience. What’s more this also enables Gartner to enrich their vertical portfolio which in recent years has fallen in lieu of their horizontal expertise.

Perhaps most significantly though they have purchased the key thought leadership in the supply chain (such as Nigel Montgomery). This is intrinsically linked to IT and therefore a natural complement to analyst advisory services.

Perhaps the other less obvious reason for this acquisition is the subsequent hiring of a very experienced sales force who will no doubt help Gartner sell its richer portfolio.

Looking at previous mergers (such as Meta), we can expect some natural churn but overall I think this is good for Gartner.

But is it good for AMR and their client base?

At first glance you would say ‘yes’. Previous AMR clients will now have access to Gartner’s rich resources as well as their analysts giving a far broader and richer experience – I expect that with time this will come at an extra cost but we will have to wait and see.

For the other industry players, it is a clear sign that they will have to up their game once again.


Originally published on Technobabble 2.0

More information: link to Yahoo news, Gartner press release

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