How much is your Twitter worth?

Who really cares about being a 36 or a 51, surely you want to know what your influence is actually worth?


Well advertisers are slowly creeping into Twitter, with various firms opening in the past year focussing specifically on Twitter. One such company is Magpie ( is another recently launched firm). Like Edelman they also have an algorithm that looks at popularity/engagement/influence etc – but not to give a score but to give you a figure for how much they’ll pay you a month to be an advertiser. Yes – you are all the media now. So – how much are you worth:

Some of the “top” Tweeters in the US are allegedly earning $1,000’s a month based on their large audience (Brooke Burke and other US celebrities have signed up to and reports are she’s making way in excess of that figure). By signing up to these programs you agree for the advertiser to “inject” relevant/targeted tweets into your feed for brands – usually selling/recommending a project. As this is growing in popularity, it’s also causing many to question the ethics.

Here is a list of the celebrity “publishers” signed up to

I actually personally think that Magpie and are doomed to fail – not because they won’t make money (they really are already) but because I think Twitter will just do what they do themselves. Robert Scoble recently put together a post about this and demonstrated how Twitter could run targeted advertising via something he referred to as “supertweets” – a tweet but with an advertisement attached. i.e. if I tweeted something about a drink/event/food/sport – when it appeared in my feed a relevant advert would be attached to it. A good discussion of this can be seen on…

But hell, the great white hope for the advertising industry could well be you and I. This is of course unless the advertisers ruin the medium first…

I’m only worth $13 a month mind, so won’t be given up the day job just yet.