from @WillOConnor

UK Tech-Wunderkind and R’n’B fanatic Lucy Davies is out and about on a much needed slice of vacation at the moment. Rather than continue my nomadic, deskless journey around the hotdesks of London, she kindly agreed to let me use her seat for the week.

Thanks Luc! However, It seems use of her desk comes with some particularly draconian rules. Lucy exhibits a near-fanatical level of control over her stationary items, especially her stapler – woe-betide the hapless soul who borrows it for more than a minute. Take it out of the fault-line (the "Circle of Trust") around her desk and you’ll provoke a Hezbollah-style reaction (she swear’s like a docker!)

First thing today, I was greeted with this (rather aggressive) missive…

Will. If my stapler goes missing, I’m going to hunt you down!!!


Punchy! Nothing else. No kindly message of good-will. just unchecked aggression. Ordinarily I wouldn’t really care about such office chattels, and I’ve no real interest in removing items from her desk, but this seems a touch strong, don’t you think? Threats of personal violence?!

Well. If Luc is having a holiday, then so should Stapler. We have a busy week, with a number of activities planned (both work and extra-curricular), so we’re going to make sure that Stapler has a goooood time: 

Where to begin? Without Lucy’s dominant, controlling presence, Stapler should feel free to have a bit of a look around the office…meet some people…maybe have a good time!


Getting a little above its station there… Mr Brain’s office is sacred ground. Maybe best to get out fast; swing by corp and find something to do…

Busy times in corporate. But I’m sure Lucy would never allow such a flagrant breach of staple etiquette! Attaching a chocolate-cornflake treat to some industrial cardboard will surely damage the stapler’s delicate mechanics… but sometimes you’ve just got to look at yourself and say "When in Rome…" There was an Xbox party Monday night for the Facebook, Twitter & LastFM launch. A chance to meet Taio Cruz and Paloma Faith *gasp*. A quick toilet stop, and on to the soiree. We’ll all check in later. TTFN….


***UPDATE – TUESDAY 17th***** Crikey. Busy night so early in the week! Xbox launched its Twitter, Facebook AND LastFM partnerships last night with a glam shindig in Mayfair. Stapler DID NOT GO MISSING, Lucy! It merely enjoyed an evening out with some fun people… Geri and Kat from the JCPR showed stapler around the venue, MusicRoomSpaceEvents


Then the entertainment came out… Paloma Faith tottered on-stage and warbled her choon, Stone Cold Sober. Then Taio Cruz wandered out. We were expecting similar things, but far from squeaking and quacking about *holding hands with the laydeez* and getting crunk in the club, he and Faith did a duet:

Unfortunately, they disappeared off lickety-spit after the gig and stapler didn’t get a chance to meet and greet. Faith headed off in the direction of the nearest seedy bar, Cruz held his mum’s hand while he crossed the road and bimbled off to get a McFlurry and the tube home… Stapler stayed on and met MC for the night, comedian and up-n-coming face, Jeff Leach. Leach stapled his nipple. Such exciting, unconventional times for a lowly desk item…


Whatever next? Well, tonight it’s off to a secret Bebo and Samsung Gig with the Boxer Rebellion. Let’s see if we can get on-stage… ***UPDATE, WEDNESDAY 18th*** More client fun-times tonight with Samsung at the Samsung & Bebo Nights at the Gibson Rooms in Noho. Went to see the Boxer Rebellion


Stapler hung-out with Dave Grohl for a bit…


… Danced to this…



…But best of all, managed to meet the band. How would Lucy feel about the bear-like guitarist touching up her stapler?! It’s simply not regulation!


Stapler’s game is SOOOOO 2010! Dont’ hate!