Another year passed.  How the devil did that happen?  Mobile World Congress only seems like yesterday, yet here we are gearing up for the next one and simultaneously working out where to hang the stockings this Christmas. As far as I can tell – apart from the obvious  – (e.g time with family, presents to open, cold turkey to eat) there are two great things about the weeks leading up to most wonderful time of the year:

–          Pret Christmas Sandwiches

–          Trend reports

I’ve just eaten my second sandwich-of-joy this week, which leads me on to talk about Trend forecasting…

Some see it as a sinister dark art, others a load of marketing nonsense.  Either way they’re a handy barometer of where ‘we’ all are and where ‘we’ are all going.  I can only imagine the excitement in the Trend Laboratory when the fiendishly clever, future scientists were struck with the realisation that we’re entering a new decade, which is like timing the usual forecast by, erm, 10.

The latest list from makes for some interesting reading.  Real-Time Reviews and Mass Mingling seem the most pertinent trends to impact our day-to-day lives – but I’d recommend having a read of the whole shebang.  Handy links are pasted below.

Not to be outdone though, we gazed into our Crystal Pheasant (it’s like a ball, but more complicated) and came up with the following predictions for 2010:

  • Bird Feeding: If we survive the recession then it’s likely that we’ll see more men taking women on expensive datesin 2010
  • Urban Hunting: We spend a lot of time in cities (see below).  Problem is that doesn’t leave much time for wild grouse hunting.  We’re predicting Pigeon Shooting Tournaments in Trafalgar Square. Rumour also has it that Urban Fox Hunting is already catching on in the East End.  It basically involves riding around on a fixed wheel bike, trying to catch the cunning little vermin.
  • Danny The Champion of the World: The Fantastic Fox had his day this year, we reckon the Dahlian Hero will have something of a renaissance in 2010, just as long as Jeremy Irons isn’t involved.  It would be nice for a few pheasants to survive this time as well.
  • Knowledge Poaching: We reckon we’re going to see an increase in people using social media to pass off insight as their own. Take heed of RT etiquette or be swept along in a tide of plagiarism.

Have any premonitions yourself?  Do tell.

@LukeMackay @MarkPinsent

1: Business as Unusual

Forget the recession: the societal changes that will dominate 2010 were set in motion way before we temporarily stared into the abyss. More »

2: Urbany

Urban culture is the culture. Extreme urbanization, in 2010, 2011, 2012 and far beyond will lead to more sophisticated and demanding consumers around the world. More »

3. Real-Time Reviews

Whatever it is you’re selling or launching in 2010, it will be reviewed ‘en masse’, live, 24/7. More »

4: (F)luxury

Closely tied to what constitutes status (which is becoming more fragmented), luxury will be whatever consumers want it to be over the next 12 months. More »

5. Mass-Mingling

Online lifestyles are fueling and encouraging ‘real world’ meet-ups like there’s no tomorrow, shattering all cliches and predictions about a desk-bound, virtual, isolated future. More »

6. Eco-Easy

To really reach some meaningful sustainability goals in 2010, corporations and governments will have to forcefully make it ‘easy’ for consumers to be more green, by restricting the alternatives. More »

7. Tracking & Alerting

Tracking and alerting are the new search, and 2010 will see countless new INFOLUST services that will help consumers expand their web of control. More »

8. Embedded Generosity

Next year, generosity as a trend will adapt to the zeitgeist, leading to more pragmatic and collaborative donation services for consumers. More »

9. Profile Myning

With hundreds of millions of consumers now nurturing some sort of online profile, 2010 will be a good year to introduce some services to help them make the most of it (financially), from intention-based models to digital afterlife services. More »

10. Maturalism

2010 will be even more opinionated, risqué, outspoken, if not ‘raw’ than 2009; you can thank the anything-goes online world for that. Will your brand be as daring? More »