I have never been shy in coming forward with my opinions and while I can be a lazy proof reader (yes, that is my official excuse for loads of typos), I would say my writing isn’t too shabby so you would think I would be a natural blogger but there is something too official and dare I say forced about it that makes me a little hesitant. If I send an email round to my colleagues or friends commenting on either controversial politics or even chastising people’s selection of music on Spotify, I guess I feel secure that if people don’t agree they will either mock me in a good natured way or if it is not interesting and no one replies I can take it on the chin with the belief that hopefully people still want to be my friend and do find me witty/interesting on other occasions.

So what is it about blogging that puts me off? Probably some deep Freudian fear of rejection or maybe, and I’m hoping it is more this option, that I actually find blogging a bit constrictive. Yes, you can just brain dump on something you feel passionately about but in order for people to a) respect my view and b) understand me (did I mention the loads of typos?), I would need to try and construct a half way decent piece of writing. I think this is a very basic unwritten code of blogging. I guess this could mean that then I would be much better on something like Twitter but judging by tweet level score last week, I haven’t quite cracked that either. My ideal view of it is the taking part that counts has been brutally crushed by an online feathered frienemy. I am really starting to feel the pressure of social media. The novelty has worn off and not only are you expected to tweet, blog, facebook all while doing your day job, you are also supposed to be hilariously funny, insightful and credible on all of these things.

It seems that there are whole new ways of judgment open to people you don’t even know and some companies are even considering social media activity as an objective in performance reviews. Now if you don’t have zillions of friends/followers and people commenting on your every view, you could not only be deemed as a poor member of society but also bad at your job. I’m definitely having a crisis of confidence. I guess practice could make perfect (or at least vaguely interesting) so here goes nothing…