Last night a few of us headed down to Covent Garden to get involved with Subtle Mob a new take on the now somewhat ubiquitous Flash Mob. The little get together was hosted as part of the Vauxhall Collective, an initiative being run by the car company as a ‘commitment to style and design’ whereby six creative stars are given a commission of up to £20,000 to ‘help them take their careers to the next level’. The commissions all tie in with the same theme of The Great British Road Trip, a re-telling of the classic road trip story.

So after downloading one of two MP3’s (decided by where in the year your birthday falls) and setting our clocks to the same exact time, we arrived at Seven Dials in Covent Garden and hit play on our MP3 players. From there it was a case of listening to the soundtrack and seeing where it took you – the pictures give an idea of exactly where that was…including a special embrace between @WillOConnor and @Gaz_78.

The soundtrack mixed some poetic content with haunting music to lead us around the streets, taking in the surroundings and becoming actors within the story.

Lasting for about half an hour, the experience was genuinely engaging with the streets dotted with other people wearing headphones, engrossed in their own little world whilst at the same time connecting with everyone else who was following the same soundtrack. The addition of some wonderfully British rain seemed to add to the atmosphere.

The general consensus was that this was an inventive and creative event which worked very well. Looking at it with my PR hat on, I saw a lot of potential to build on this and create a great piece of experiential activity. Changing the setting, complimenting the soundtrack with actors and building a stronger narrative could easily reach out to a very captive audience and deliver a message which could work quite well for a brand wanting to transfer people to ‘another place’ without blowing the budget .