Twitter lists is being rolled out and if you haven’t already had the option to create lists added to your profile, you will shortly.

The idea is that you can create lists of followers, much like setting up separate groups in Tweetdeck, to better help you organise the way you follow particular streams.

So a couple of questions for thought…

• Will Twitter lists end up being just another popularity contest?
• Is the next measure of a brand’s twitter popularity the number of lists it appears on?
• Should you be able to opt-out of being on someone else’s list?
• Should you be notified when you are added to a list?

As PR and digital marketing pros; how should we be using lists? In terms of client engagement, should we be working to get our clients on lists? Will it be another measure of popularity and/or influence on Twitter and in social media?

Exactly how consumers will embrace Twitter lists will depend on a number of factors, I think. At first, it will mimic Twibes and TweekDeck groups. Celebrities, mates, news feeds. Also, will consumers abandon lists they have already started, or add to them? Will TweetDeck and other providers now include list functionality in their functionality?

A number of EdelFolk lists have sprung up already. As for tech media, I have groups in Tweetdeck, do you I necessarily want other PRs and journos to know that I am stalking them?