ok, ok – sorry for the appalling headline  pun… I nipped out for a sneaky glass of wine at half nine the other night to read the paper, but instead bought the New Scientist instead which I do sometimes; nice read but my head would go numb if i read it weekly.

Some very interesting stuff in it this week, some which may form the basis of something else later on – but one news story that i thought was a bit weird, was research that found there was a correlation between the length of a duck’s errr ‘todger’ and the likelihood of that duck getting bird flu. Honestly… the shorter it is, the more likely they are to get bird flu: ‘FACT’ according to scientists.

My immediate thought was the obvious question; about why on earth would scientists even THINK of studying this in the first place – what kind of mental quantum leap is needed to come up with that ‘brilliant experiment’?

I also thought, do you think there are also now lots of ducks, with or without bird flu, waddling around trying not to sneeze as this might be misinterpreted by lady-ducks?

And what would happen if they suggested that same correlation for men? Actually, don’t answer that question…



"i did not just sneeze - i did NOT just sneeze, okay?"