There’s a brilliant video doing the rounds, (note: to support a book launch [not a client]), which looks at how social media is changing the way we live, in facts and figures:

Snippets include

  • social media overtaking porn as the biggest activity on the net
  • by 2010, Generation Y will overtake the babyboomer generation in terms of population; and 96% of Gen Y are on a social network
  • one in eight couples married last year in the States met through a social network
  • and finally, that the rise of social networks has les Boston College to stop giving new joiners email addresses, as email is considered passe.

a brilliant, fascinating video – lots of great facts, and well worth checking out

(video courtesy of Charlotte Keane, Edelman – who in her own words is ‘too young for twitter’ at 20 and none of her friends are interested)