Twibbon has the X-Factor

I know Twitter is the man of the moment, as it were, but I wish more people showed an understanding that online engagement is all about adding value. It’s not about tacking your brand onto any old movement.

This current rage stems from ITV launching a Twibbon to support X-factor.  As the image shows – you can add an X onto your Twitter profile.  Now – why would anyone want to do this? The X-Factor is not a cause. It’s a television programme. One I happen to like – quite a lot actually – but not one I want to pledge my allegiance to. It’s not a black president, a first democratic election, or a charity. It’s a bloody commercial monster.

(As an aside if you don’t have time to watch Saturday’s final make friends with the Bitch Factor.  They provide a caustically brilliant dissection of each episode)

Now what the clever chaps at ITV have done is recognise the power of the individual.  Twitter and social media are all about the individual. Creating a Twibbon for each of the final 12 in the X-factor makes much more sense, so thankfully this is what they’ve done.  This gives the online community the tools to show their support and it might be quite interesting in the run up to Christmas to see how this plays out.  We know that young people aren’t on Twitter – I wonder how the Twittersphere will cope with the demonic John and Edward…?

But what if these nefarious Twibbons are just a cunning tactic for the bookies to track odds on the contestants?  I think I’m on to something here.  I’m going to follow all the contestants just to see how popular they are, then I’m going to place bets on all of them and make my fortune.  Oh.  Perhaps this was pretty savvy Twitter Marketing afterall…

What do we all think?