I’ll admit it. I haven’t received an invitation to try out Google Wave. I’m like some social media pariah. But I’m actually quite pleased, because I’m sick of the damn thing already. And by all accounts (well, some) it’s not very good.

It did get me thinking though. In my eyes, Google Wave chatter over the past week has been massive. I’ve barely been able to move without some social media specialist begging for an invite and you can tell it’s buzzing because the spammers and scammers are all over it.

But how big is it really? If you check IceRocket for some stats, it does seem to have a nice spike, doesn’t it?


But then I thought I’d check that little spike against something else…another bit of technology that, while still of significant interest, hasn’t shoved out any big news in the last month or so. Our old mate the iPhone:

Wave and iPhone

Blimey, that puts Google Wave in some perspective, doesn’t it? The merest murmur in comparison to the iPhone’s consistent racket.

And then I thought, what about both these techie things against something of truly mainstream interest? So I called on my buddy Obama:

Wave and iPhone and Obama

Now, you have to say that against the USA’s first black president, the iPhone’s doing pretty damn well. But that’s not the most striking thing about this graph is it?

No. It’s the incredible correlation between the Obama and iPhone results. Look at them! They’re almost identical.

I think I’ve stumbled upon something here. Never seen Steve Jobs and Obama in the same place, have you? Jobs disappears for long periods due to ‘illness’ but do they happily coincide with US elections and G20 summits? I think they might.

We should be told.