I’ve heard it argued that the only real reason for visiting the gym is the feeling of smugness afterwards.

So it goes with early adoption, I think. I can hardly be accused of being a technological cool hunter – I resolutely refuse to buy an iPhone until every other handset vendor has gone bust, for instance – but every dog must have his occasional day.

Indeed, it feels like only yesterday that workmates were crowded around my PC at Edelman’s old Haymarket House offices, wondering what the strange site I was looking at was all about. It was called Facebook – you may have heard of it.

Today I am basking in a similarly fleeting moment of smugness, having just received my beta invite for Thing Labs’ Brizzly service (www.brizzly.com). All courtesy of a tip-off from Rick Klau (@rklau), product manager for Blogger over at Google. Smart guy, whose presence we were blessed with at Edelman’s recent Leadership Academy pow-wow in Chicago, and well worth following for exactly this kind of reason.

In a few days, of course, Brizzly will be everywhere, even my mother will have an account and I’ll be afflicated by the same pangs of possessive jealousy as when the world and his wife discovered Sebastian Tellier’s ‘La Ritournelle’.

In the meantime, for a brief moment at least, I feel like an early adopter. I am keeping up with the technological Joneses. I am gatecrashing a whole different marketing demographic. And, in spite of myself, it feels sweet.

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