A new social network went live today, aimed at connecting parents with their childrens schools along with other like-minded parents. The site launches as the offspring of a partnership between the Department for Schools, Children and Families and well-established social network, Netmums.

Allowing parents to discuss school issues whilst engaging with their children’s teachers epitomises the openess a social network can enable – but is this one avenue which didn’t need exploring? The Telegraph takes the expected view point that the creation of this site could open up a raft of problems as pushy parents let rip. I would agree on some level, but then this argument can be applied to any online conversation so the usual issues of ethics and moderation stand. What I would question is whether involving teachers in this set-up really adds any value?

A platform for parents to discuss schooling is a useful tool, burdening teachers with another channel of information to manage is, in my view, perhaps not. Instead, why not keep this part Government-funded network as a conversation platform for parents to engage with each other, thus removing the temptation for them to badger and potentially abuse teachers