Wow, Pete and Randy making big claims for the technology sector; to crudely summarize their eloquent points:  transparency and accountability are key for technology eco-system and survival therefore driving an inherent level of trust within the industry’s sales cycle.  I just have to play devil’s advocate.  Do technology companies  (or any company) really promote transparency or is it at best the much touted translucency, the truth up until the point of commercial disadvantage, (or as I like to think of it in Trekkie terms,  “It’s openness Jim but not as we know it”).  In fact I get suspicious whenever anyone asks me to trust them even more so if the reason is transparency.   Surely you have to live transparency and I am not sure that many technology companies genuinely do so.

 However, I do agree that there is something about the technology model that increases a sense of dialogue.  An approach which ranges from the whole open source and standards movement to collaboration on free applications on Internet.  But it strikes me that the crucial characteristic element in commercializing this technology at some point involves maintenance of IP even if this only exists at brand level or statistics behind user behaviour.   Furthermore Toni also makes a great point about understanding of technology and the default level of trust among consumers because they often don’t know enough to critique technology category again this seems a pretty murky form of translucency. 

I would love to hear from anyone who can prove this old cynical Pheasant wrong and show me deeper transparency both in fully open communications model or even a company who has said just,  “We launched a product which we thought was great it turns out we were wrong it sucked.  Sorry.”