ginger_nut430x300Shocking statistic? Actually, I made it up…but I reckon it might be about right. Possible even more. Though one person’s pointless babble is another person’s startling insight isn’t it? ‘Pointless babble’ might be regarded as a rather subjective phrase. Still, it’s one which has garnered US market research firm Pear Analytics some headlines over the past couple of days.

Pear analysed 2,000 tweets (not 2,000 people, mind…2,000 tweets) and stuck each in one of six categories. In Pear’s white paper on the research, ‘Pointless Babble’ was defined as ‘the “I’m eating a sandwich now” tweets’. And 40.5% of the 2,000 tweets analysed fell into the category. Which is a lot of sandwiches.

To be honest, though, I reckon 40% of what comes out of most people’s mouths could be regarded as ‘pointless babble’. I’ve just done it, right now. Pam (a colleague) offered me a ginger nut (that’s a biscuit for the non-Brits listening in) and I started rambling on about how I love them and hadn’t had one for ages and liked dunking them in tea until they go all chewy…and I really could have just said, ‘yes, please’. In fact, that was about 80% pointless babble…so I’ve got to say some pretty insightful stuff to get the balance back. Pressure’s on.

The trick with Twitter is to filter who you’re listening to. Cut out the babble by following those that say stuff you value. It’s back to twusted sources.

But you won’t get rid of all the rubbish. It’s human nature.

Mark (@markpinsent – pointless babble guaranteed)