Frankly, if a blog post hasn’t got a pun in its headline, I’184x265_dog_old_istockm not interested. A picture’s also important.

So, here we are on WordPress. We tried tumblr, but it didn’t really work for us. It just seemed a bit clunky; a bit inflexible. So we’ve turned to what some might consider rather old technology in the grand scheme of all things social media. And that might be the case. But sometimes you just want something that’s tried and tested. I’m sure the Boeing 787 is going to be lovely, but for the time being I’ll stick with a 737, thanks…

People might think it’s a bit odd to turn to a blogging platform when, surely, blogging’s dying out? Perhaps, but when I was thinking about Twitter the other day, and how it’s become another content feed, I was also pondering the Twitter effect on blogging. There’s no doubt that Twitter has had an enormous effect on the volume of blogging that goes on. And why wouldn’t it? Twitter’s the ideal tool for doing what 90% of blog posts used to do…point people to other content.

So 90% of blog posts get replaced by Twitter and blogging dies, right?

Not in my mind. In my little head it means that blogs becomes what they should have been all along; a place where longer, more structured and well thought-out thoughts and opinions get published.

Oh, and really funny stuff like Ross Kemp’s face, folded and Fu*k You, Penguin.

Mark Pinsent (@markpinsent)