OK, so this morning the Edelman London office is abuzz (is that a real word? Looks a bit odd). For the fourth year running we’re announcing the results of the Trust in the Entertainment Industry survey from Edelman’s Digital Entertainment Rights and Technology (DERT) team.

As you may or may not know, for the past decade Edelman has undertaken its global Trust Barometer survey, which looks in detail at the differing levels of trust that consumers hold in different institutions. This year’s survey results were released back in January in partnership with the Financial Times (you can find out more here.) and ranked the entertainment industry as the fifth most trusted among UK opinion formers aged 35-64 (50%), following technology, healthcare, food and biotech. By contrast, in the US, trust in the entertainment industry is ranked 3rd from the bottom (33%), sharing its position with the automotive industry and just topping insurance and media companies.

The survey results being released here this morning clearly fit under the Trust banner, but look specifically at attitudes towards entertainment companies in the UK and the US. In all, 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 34 were surveyed, 500 in each country.

The survey reveals that UK adults aged 18-34 are more trusting in the entertainment industry than those in the US. UK trust in the sector remains stable at 29% compared to last year, whereas the US has seen a sharp decline of 15 points to 17%.

With trust in the entertainment industry linked to an increased willingness to buy a company’s products, the differences between the two countries is further highlighted by consumers’ purchasing habits: 66% of consumers in the UK say they are spending the same or more on digital entertainment compared with last year, versus 56% in the US.

You can find the presentation from this morning’s event here, and we’ll be tweeting responses and taking questions live using the hashtag #edeltrust.

Do join in.